Andre Vltchek visited DPRK and liked it a lot better than the USA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yqBrDsXXwc

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With all due respect, this sounds like it has been written by someone who has never been to DPRK and doesn't understand it.

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I feared getting this type of response and tried to show I was not sympathizing with or evaluating North Korea. My article is definitely written by someone who has never been to DPRK, which means nothing; even those who have been there state they do not know what is going on; and, as most of the world's people, even the movers and shakers, I do not understand the regime. That is why I wrote the article, to try and understand North Korea. What's wrong with that? The thrust is that policies that get no where and do not accomp;ish anything are not valid policies. Formulating a policy requires understanding a situation from all aspects and not from a personal viewpoint. A worthwhile strategy considers the mind of the opponent and a proper diplomacy reflects the consideration.

If Kim can inform us of where I have erred in my plea to provide understanding, where I have erred in a statement, or provide us with knowledge, and not cliches, that provides understanding, that will be welcome and helpful. Kim, despite your wisdom, which I well know, a sarcastic and brutal sentence is not helpful.

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I submit the question posed (“Why would the United States (U.S.) purposely misunderstand North Korea (DPRK)?”) is quite obviously answered. The us regime disdains communism. Its disdains any regime that does not bend knee to the us. The us regime wants to set up its intelligence gathering operations and military placements on the chinese border. Do you deny this?

“George H. Bush administration’s original policy, which pursued the replacement of the autocratic DPRK government by a friendly and democratic government as an essential goal” first, it is not the place of the us “regime” to replace another “regime.” Second, since when does the usa regime prioritize “replacing” (your euphemism for “overthrowing”) a regime with either a friendly or democratic government? Would this be the sygnman rhee regime in rok? The diem regime in south viet nam? The allawi regime in iraq? The terrorist thug regime in libya? The racist regimes in israel{erstwhile historical palestine?)

“this policy will give impetus to the unification of the Koreas” the us regime shut down democracy from the get-go on the korean peninsula and was the entity that split the peninsula.

“Events forced U.S. administrations to reduce the objective of regime change and favor neutralizing DPRK nuclear weapon developments.” us aggression forced the dprk to pursue nuclear weapons.

The us engaged in biological and chemical warfare against dprk. It obliterated all infrastructure in the north. It committed genocide with the aid of a compliant un, all kinds of heinous moral outrages against korean people. (See Korean International War Crimes Tribunal: Report on U.S. Crimes in Korea 1945-2000; Ho Jong Ho, Kang Sok Hui, and Pak Thae Ho, The US Imperialists Started the Korean War (1998); Won Myong Uk and Kim Hak Chol, Distortion of US Provocation of Korean War (2003); Bruce Cumings, Korea’s Place in the Sun: A Modern History (2005); Nhial Esso, What You Don’t Know about North Korea Could Fill a Book (2013); Carole Cameron Shaw, The Foreign Destruction of Korean Independence (2007); A.B. Abrams, Immovable Object: North Korea's 70 Years At War with American Power (2020), and I could go on and on listing reading sources.)

“60+ years that Uncle Sam has engaged North Korea “ Really? “engaged”? Respectfully, two paragraphs in, and this is what is written. I did make it one paragraph further in my initial read before deciding to allot my valuable time for learning elsewhere.

I lived in the south for two years, and i spent a week in the north (https://www.globalresearch.ca/there-are-human-beings-in-north-korea-neither-wealthy-nor-poor/5615700). And yes, one week is not enough to gather a deep enough understanding, but i made the journey, and i will return. Finally, with all due respect, trying to gain an understanding is fine, but when that process minimizes the culpability, the evil of the imperial hegemon, then i submit seeking so-called understanding furnishes cover for imperialism.

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