Good assessment. However, the reference to AUKUS as "white men", or to the US speaking "white men's words" is not serious. The "white men" explanation is a red herring. The "collective west" (i.e. the US and its colonies) have far more skin color diversity among its leaders than the "Global south" (as the rest of the world is now commonly called). The hegemonic mindset is not racial.

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Not sure where you got the shipping route chart, but the South China Sea does seem to be a major choke point of maritime commerce.


https://asean.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/Chapter-5-Transport-Geography-Shipping-Routes-_-Major-Ports.pdf (page 12)

For ex.

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Dan, yours is a balanced assessment. You have hit the nail squarely on its head.

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